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With our customizable designs, you can effortlessly promote your services throughout the Easter season, captivating audience and boosting bookings. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stand out and drive growth for your business.

Unlock the power of our Easter-themed Canva templates and watch your social media presence soar! Designed to captivate and inspire, these customizable designs are guaranteed to stop the scroll and draw in your audience. 

You need a System

Social media is one of the most phenomenal tools for businesses, but creating high-quality content is time-consuming and exhausting!

You’ve probably spent some time on blogs, videos, and forums trying to get the best tips to skyrocket your visibility.

The problem is, nothing truly helps you…

Many coaches stop creating content because they feel overwhelmed.

You wonder how some coaches can handle all their tasks and still can manage daily content creation? People are helping them grow! The best coaches HIRE teams of experts to work with them: designers, writers, community managers…

They don’t try to do everything by themselves.

You have 3 scenarios...

Hire an expert

Growing on social media is a full-time job. Marketing agencies or freelancers can create content for you.

Hiring an expert will cost you at least $1,000 per month, which is $12,000 a year.

Use our templates

Our reels include all the materials you need to grow and make more sales on social media.

These posts are created for professional coaches.

Do it alone

Or, you can struggle on your own, trying to figure everything out from scratch.

Mastering social media will take you a lot of time and effort.

This means sometimes feeling overwhelmed and not posting for days.


There's NO SUBSCRIPTION required: pay once for the templates and you have lifetime access.


There's nothing tastier than having the peace of mind knowing you have content to post . Our templates are created to help you to publish content every day


As a business owner, you know that you need to show up on social media. You know that it needs to look professional. And you probably know that the better you are at showing up for your audience, the more likely they are to trust you.


You Can Edit All These With One Click!

Customising your Canva template is so simple, you can almost do it with your eyes closed! Okay, maybe keep one eye open…but honestly, it’s that easy.

EVERYTHING can be personalised to your liking.

Simply switch out the fonts, colors, images & other graphic elements to match your branding.

Boost your Brand with Engaging Content

Grow your audience with engagement boosting and share-worthy marketing designs.

Turn Followers into Paying Customers

Grow your email list, get more leads, and build a community of raving clients and customers

Save Time, Money, and Frustration

Focus on what you do best - helping your clients and growing your business.

How it's works?

It's as easy as 1,2,3!



Get instant access to a PDF file that contains the direct links to your Canva templates



Simply switch out the fonts, colors, images & other graphic elements to match your branding.



Quickly create stunning graphics and export them from Canva to post on Instagram!


  • Aesthetician
  • Dermatologist
  • Cosmetologist
  • Esthetician
  • Beauty Salon Owner
  • Beauty Advisor
  • Beauty SMM


Frequently asked questions

How I receive templates?

You will get access to templates right after the purchase. You can either download them from the order summary page or from the link you received into your email inbox.

Are templates editable?

All templates are fully editable with Canva. Open templates with direct Canva link and all templates will be stored in your Canva account. In Canva you can edit elements, colors and fonts. You can change images and add your own.

How can I get templates into my device?

You can download templates from Canva into your mobile phone or computer. We recommend using Canva since all files are stored in Canva's cloud service and ready-to-use whenever you want. 

How long I have access to templates?

You have lifetime access for all templates.